Ingredient Policy

Every product I sell is made with ingredients I have thoroughly researched and believe to be safe—my own children use my products. Our ingredients are all natural, free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, free of fillers, free of parabens, free of sulfates, free of preservatives, cruelty free and conflict free. If you have any questions about a specific ingredient’s purpose or safety, please email me at and I will explain in more detail why I use that ingredient and why I believe it is safe.

All my ingredients and packaging are locally sourced whenever possible and never purchased from outside of the United States.  I’ve started planting my own herbs (which I currently source from a local retailer) and am looking forward to purchasing my own copper distilling equipment in the future.  Real, fresh-squeezed fruit juices are in many of my soap blends.  I package in frosted glass bottles, use high-quality recycled print materials, team up with local bee-keepers to purchase sweet aromatic beeswax for our balms, soaps, and butters.