Haiku Organics Family Clarissa & Sons

Hello, my name is Clarissa. I am an Oregon native with a passion for combining my love of self care, nature, science and healthy skin. I’m also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician and a Certified Natural Products Manufacturer.

Haiku Organics products are hand-made in small batches, using artisanal techniques. I plan to keep production as simple as possible, always making to order over making to projection.

Haiku Organics came about when I owned Elixir Wellness Spa. I searched high and low for products that were truly natural, without chemical preservatives and still affordable. That’s when I remembered the complete joy I experienced as a child digging up red clay in the backyard of my Pacific Northwest home and slathering it all over my body, crushing plant materials and adding those to my clay mixture, melting down old lipsticks to make blushes and new lipstick colors. Little did I know that the joy came from the act of “self care”—at that age I had no idea why the red clay felt so good to my body; I just knew I had so much fun covering my body in it and hosing off in the backyard.  Or picking rose petals from the yard and throwing them into my tub of water (sneaking some dehydrated milk sometimes to add to my bath water, too).

I have an innate connection with Mother Earth and a true love and appreciation for plant materials.  To combined my love for plant materials and chemistry, I ended up going back to school to learn natural products manufacturing, aromatherapy and herbal medicine.

During this process to create a product line, I didn’t realize the massive volume of chemicals that we expose our bodies to each and every morning. Realizing that I was producing a product that would help to decrease the number of chemicals we exposed ourselves to made me feel more confident and I knew that I was doing my part to make this world a better place.

I am filled with pure love and happiness when I am in my production space. Time literally escapes me. The blends come from beyond me….like they are whispered into my heart. Many people who have used my products have mentioned that they can literally feel “the love” that went into the product. So that is why “love” is listed on the ingredients list.

Raising two boys as a single parent is no joke. It’s a hard job. But I am passionate about raising them to be aware of their own self-care. They always want to help me make soap and can hardly wait for the curing process to be complete so that they can get as many bar ends as I have to give them to use. They prize their soap scraps and the sense of accomplishment that comes from having helped make them.

As my business grows, I am in the process of also turning Haiku Organics into a lifestyle brand by introducing other small-batch artisan brands to my website.

I’m also planning to team up with non-profits to help provide services to those in need and am looking forward to providing scholarship opportunities.