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Soul Space

Soul Space Schlank Incense Warmer

Soul Space Schlank Incense Warmer

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Clean, simple, and elegant— our Schlank low-smoke incense warmer brings the pure and natural aroma of our botanical blends to life. Functioning with a simple tealight candle, its design allows you to effortlessly change incense blends to match your mood or activity. Perfect for creating a warm and soothing atmosphere in your home or pairing with your favorite self-care rituals. Crafted from high fired porcelain and handmade, this sophisticated incense warmer doubles as a piece of decor.

Each individual piece is made by hand through a collaboration with local artists, Peaches the Studio, making each piece unique and open to slight variation. | Height 4 in, Diameter 4.5 in.

Includes: Incense Warmer, Wire Cleaning Brush, and Tealight Candle

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